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Vancouver Housing Sustainability Issues

With a picturesque landscape and limited expansion the only place for Vancouver to move is up, both in density and in price. states annual construction values were at 3.24 billion dollars in 2015.  With the increased construction, economies like Skilled trades saw an immediate jump in employment . In addition, transportation companies, lumber industries and landscape companies in Vancouver all have seen a trickle-down effect of the increased productivity.  Greater-Vancouver area residents experienced a spike in house value, but is too much of a good thing hurting Vancouver’s livability?
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growth in greater vancouver

Analyzing Key Growth Sectors in Metro Vancouver

Today’s economic climate is a combination of many factors. Local, regional, national and international events all contributing to shaping our city’s overall wellbeing. This article will discuss where Vancouver falls in The Economists livability index, touch on real GDP per capita growth compared to the national average, look at the top three sectors that have seen the highest growth in the last two decades. Two companies in Vancouver that have bolstered using Vancouver as a home base will be looked at and lastly we will highlight the beautiful new Microsoft office downtown and take a look the key factors that are contributing to this robust tech culture. Continue reading

stronger canada

Stronger Cities, Stronger Canada

The metropolitan areas play unique role in Canadian cities. They’re where the majority of Canadians live and work. Metaphorically speaking, they’re the economic engines of our great nation.

Challenges are faced all across the country like: poverty, housing, air quality, traffic congestion and crime – but many places lack the tools and authority to tackle them effectively. Despite 21st century challenges, cities are still governed by a 19th century model that makes them almost completely dependent on the provincial level. Continue reading

why local matters

Why Buying Local Matters

We have all heard it parroted countless times, buy local, support your community.  Local products tend to cost a little more, what is all the fuss about, why should we support our local economy?

Simply put, buying local ensures money stays in places where it can benefit you and those in close proximity to you.  It has ethical, environmental and economic benefits which have global impacts.  As much as we don’t want to admit it, money is something of a life blood to us all, especially in a capitalistic society.  In order for blood to be healthy it needs to circulate, the same can be said about money. When we help to support local business we are metaphorically circulating blood within our body, ensuring all extremities receive a healthy supply.  When we buy from big chains stores we, for all intents and purposes, open up a wound and allow blood (or money) to freely flow out. Continue reading